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As Durant this season's new boots Nike KD 7 again before the release of a new double color, the designer again selected the classical University of Oregon color rendering of the shoes, the shoe body overall for the green color rendering, yellow modified details, but because only discovered a spy, it is unclear whether the body of the shoe the iconic "O" logo. At present, there is no information about the sale of shoes, friends like to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.Jordan Spiz 'Ike X SoleFly 2nd Anniversary Friends and Family set 2013-12-08 22:29:46 Memorial Jordan Spiz' Ike Jordan Brand as the most popular fitness shoes, not only because of Spike Lee's personal charm, but also because Jordan Spiz Ike often will launch various version of the color, the color is also in unceasingly our nerves, recently Spike Lee participated in the famous Miami SoleFly shop opened 2nd Anniversary Birthday Ceremony, not only that, SoleFly also launched the Friends and Family Jordan Spiz "Ike special edition, since it is a special version of nature in terms of color under the foot work, many senior shoes a glance see, this Jordan Spiz 'Ike color is Miami hurricane University t cheap foamposites eam color, green Nubuc became the main color of the upper Yellow collocation, Orange and black, outer bottom uses orange crystal bottom, and on heel shoe lift, embroider the word with SoleFly.follow the first two generation mode of operation, Adidas Dame 3 in the days before has officially entered the miadidas customization system, the official opening options let you hands-on vamp is quite rich, in addition to the general mesh material and texture more smooth suede fabric for your choice, and the shoe body, the outer bottom there are a variety of colors can block free design, the tongue is placed on the individual can choose the number or text, add the exclusive sense. The black and red styles used in previous games by Damian Lillard were designed by miadidas, and the vamp was just suede. In addition Lillard has always been in love with netizens interactive community platform, and even the past has also launched the footwear design activities and the real color to play (station reports), a friend will try to play in the creative shoes and try to share in the community platform, maybe you are next to Damian Lillard I favor the lucky might also do (laughs). miadidas Dame 3 is Retro jordans for sale priced at $140, and interested friends can now go to to build their own color matching luo. source: Getty Images / WearTestersANTA to create Rajon Rondo exclusive shoes came to the second generation, before the official launch I believe we would like to know the design concept and performance of shoes, including the generation of some shoelace asymmetric design, and many of the iconic green tick Purcell echo elements are retained, you can feel the Rajon Rondo actively participate in the design process, and the preferences of the elements with Anta shoe designer team communication and coordination process on the Internet now discloses Anta RR2 from scratch to shoes, let us enjoy it carefully. 671eb786c9177f3e516c775573cf3bc79e3d5660671eb786c9177f3e516c775573cf3bc79e3d5660 BbsImg141639774119800_1024-791BbsImg141639774119800_1024-791 BbsImg141639774231987_1024-791BbsImg141639774231987_1024-791 BbsImg141639774366568_1024-791BbsImg141639774366568_1024-791 BbsImg141639774417640_1024-791BbsImg141639774417640_1024-791 BbsImg141639774478357_1024-682BbsImg141639774478357_1024-682 BbsImg141639774554976_1024-682BbsImg141639774554976_1024-682 BbsImg141639774841850_1 Cheap air jordan 12 ovo 024-682BbsImg141639774841850_1024-682 BbsImg141639774670634_1024-682BbsImg141639774670634_1024-682 BbsImg141639774666290_1024-682BbsImg141639774666290_1024-682 BbsImg141639774748732_1024-682BbsImg141639774748732_1024-682 BbsImg141639781854〉 in the recent warm-up match, pioneer point guard Damian Lillard replaced with a new color of the Adidas Crazyquick PE. Full red TechFit upper, SprintFrame stabilizer, PureMotion midsole, and a fairly flexible outsole. Now, the PE version of Damian Lillard can not help but hope that the future will be listed? source: caseyholdahl Instagram even if we live in a rapidly changing trend in an era, "Less is more" less is more simple concept all along have been eliminated by the flood, but when people are tired of all kinds of fancy and unrealistic features, focusing on the nature of the goods and may even become the mainstream. About this phenomenon, called the Nike Roshe Run in recent years, the shoe industry representatives, while cutting redundant and complex sole structure, to the concept of "Zen" I let the wearer simply enjoy parity, brand, comfortable three-in-one simple and beautiful, in a non high-end footwear trend in whi cheap jordans online ch sing the same old song successfully created a new classic profile, first Century. but in recent days, the Roshe Run Nike officially renamed Roshe One, which also caused a lot of speculation that the outside world, it is paving the way for the sequel to Roshe Two come out, whether Nike is on this pair of red to purple in the world masterpiece with greater ambitions, we wait for the time to answer. source: SneakerNews, HighsnobietyA review of the LeBron James personal signature shoes of the elements of science and technology, Zoom Air air cushion which is played a very important role in the whole series, but we should not forget a period of design team had to Air Max as the main technology to match the LeBron James strong physique, designer Jason Petrie in 2009 for the first time for him to create the 7 generation by 360 degrees around the Max Air LeBron opened the air age, recent generations (11, 12, 13) while Zoom Air once again return to dominate, but low version remained visible Max Air figure. In addition to the pitch of personal combat shoes, private LeBron James is also Air Max technology support, Nike for him to create a lot of exclusive version, this article cheap jordans for sale mens specially selected five pairs of special styles and you share together exploration shoe, look at it! Nike Air Max 2011 'LeBron James' PEUse the original basketball shoes for carrying on the Hyperfuse composite material for making shoes Nike Max 2011 Air published, through the hot laminating technology of different materials bonding, with durability, support and ventilation, while the LeBron James is the flagship of this love pair of running shoes, red and white color, a sign exclusive player but the version by himself through Instagram and fans to share out of the box; when it comes to this, there was an interesting episode, perhaps because LeBron got new shoes too excited, he will not be in the share of Air Max 2011 to 2012 in the (laugh). , Nike, Air, Trainer, 1.3, Max, Breath, Dunkman believe that as long as love friends should have to LeBron James Dunkman series is not strange, the first seen in the Nike LeBron II, the designer in the field with his Tomahawk dunk strong story as a silhouette sign, and with a fluorescent green gray, silver or black collocation as color style, is one of the most classic version of color Nike LeBron series. Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breath is on Cheap air jordans for sale e of the few non basketball shoes have a 'Dunkman' theme style, it belongs to the Friends & Family is limited, not open to the public sales, this figure is double LeBron James friends - the American well-known musician DJ Clark owned by Kent. , Nike, Air, Trainer, 1.3, Max, Breath, H〉Nike Zoom KD9 'Aunt Pearl' in Taiwan in January 28th will be sold to a specific store, men's shoes price 5500 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement source: Nike Nike Kobe 11 Elite 4KB series of friends should not want to miss the next photo, "Red Horse" to the "New Testament" in the "Revelation" of the four knights for inspiration, with brave and fearless in the image, the United States has listed in June 1st, also has many real photos on the Internet to share. Bright red reminiscent of riding in the relentless battle you can only walk forward blood, because the winner is always only one, under the white bac cheap jordans for sale kground, let this pair of shoes is a little more tribute to the lofty victory glory atmosphere. Xiao Bian personally feel that the concept of these shoes is very complete, although although Kobe has retired, but his shoes are still popular stadium! Taiwan is currently listed only at Nike outlets, and dealer channels have yet to be announced. source: Wish ATL / BAIT summer friends kids love the most refreshing clergyman is of course the ice cream brand, New? Balance recently unveiled a series of 530 shoes with cream inspired design, for the interpretation of the use of bright colors to various flavors of ice cream, plus retro flavor of the shoe body gives the series relaxed attitude. news source: New, Balance, KoreaAir Jordan 5 as everyone knows, inspired by the P51 fighter, if this pair of boots in full military style camouflage elements must be more eye-catching, and the new Air Jordan 5 " Camo" to come this way, the whole army green throughout the uppers, selected and suede nubuck leather making, camouflage element blessing heel, red lining and decoration as a whole saw shark heel add highlights, new design of the LOGO is also five generation boots to give a new look; It Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping is reported that the shoes will be available in September 2nd, the number of 136027-051, at $190, interested please note! The sports news NBA regular season in full swing, the more close the playoffs, East is increasingly showing the strong potential of the central plains. When Russell Weiss Brook can carry the day, then Dasanyuan tied the ancient animal; Kawai Leonard attack a MVP from fear of change; Antiaris, birthday night star. "The eyebrows brother" Anthony - Davies Lebron - James lost equal to anything; reinforcements, offering three double Huibie gods; Nowitzki laojifuli. Go thirty thousand points. To know this several flying shoes with Pro Russian, also please your eyes to see. 1 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks Nike Air Max Premiere PE Beijing time on March 10th, in a Dallas Mavericks home court against the Losangeles Lakers, the Mavericks will star Dirk - Nowitzki scored 25 points, the total score of occupation career success exceeded 30000 points, the the forty year old driver also than Kobe, Jordan, Malone, shoulder Jabbar in the history of the sixth et al. As a native German, can achieve such success in different places in the country, can be said to be eas cheap jordan shoes for men y, of course, this is also the source of King hunaud ten years diligent training and a high degree of self-discipline, as he is always on the choice of shoes, a pair of Nike Air Max Premiere, simple and practical, as in the general understanding of their old home temperament and body. 2 Lebron - James Cleveland Nike LeBron 14 Red Carpet PE again said "three man" Lebron - James, James in this week is a taste of life in times of change radically, after the League reinforcing knight, the people of Cleveland to ultra low cost access to the then "eat sleep play" Paul and Deron Williams when the Warriors "paint the gate" Andrew - Bogut, but it didn't work out, it almost no solution with the squad, Bogut played 58 seconds seriously scrapped, frustrated James's smile, also disappeared, eyes flashed a terrible disappointment. It is worth mentioning that, in the last time James at the palace of Auburn Hills in the game, he scored three double, say goodbye to gods, at the same time, he chose a pair of LeBron 14 Red Carpet, his dignity, the king who completely unmasked. 3 Russell - Weiss Brook Oklahoma team Air Jordan 30.5 PE Beijing time on March 10th, Russell Westbrook led the Okl Retro jordans for sale ahoma City Thunder, the Sanantonio spurs suffered a tenacious blocking, however, "big turtle." I just smiled, led an easy ride, the game he scored 23 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists, this is he faced the Spurs to get the first three two, at the same time, is also the season of his thirty-first double three, he would also like to take this. this year, Pakistan leather manufacturers experienced a loss, in the current fiscal year 7-10 month, leather leather exports fell 17.04%, exports fell 5.59%, exports of leather gloves fell 42.27%, other leather products exports fell 39.62%. In the shoe industry, the export of leather shoes has dropped by 11.86%, and the export of canvas shoes has dropped by 34.05%. in the Eid season, nearly 20% of the skins and skins concentrated stream which increases the manufacturer's destruction, unfortunately, this is because the violation of the conventional allowed in Pakistan lost millions of dollars. despite the slaughter of nearly 5 million 500 thousand animals, the manufacturer still failed to produce sufficient quantities of raw hides for the manufacture of leather. Pakistan garment manufacturers and Exporters Association Secretary o Seef. Lahm said, Pakistan imported 5000-6000 million dollars to offset the impact of leather production decline. Pakistan's leather exports accounted for 65% of total exports, Pakistan's leather exports have been the worst effects, leather exports fell by 24%, this is because Pakistan leather low quality raw materials and from the international market demand cuts. the slaughter of animals lacking sufficient equipment continued to injure the quality of the skins and skins. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the exporters plan has no hope of rising. However, the government of Pakistan can be vigilant to ensure that this crisis does not spread from this year to next year. (Editor: admin) this is a need for fashion industry, but also a brand industry, but we are missing a stage showing fashion, the lack of a brand building platform. Different from the ordinary shoes store display, promotion is different from the general shoe show products, October will bloom fourth China international footwear Expo "door shoe show" may bring us to try and think more in the footwear industry to create fashion and brand on the road. at present, in the sale of small Huxing project sales average has been as high as 14545 yuan / square meter...... almost a thousand years, and reflects the great architectural masterpieces of design; a display of ancient civilization, and show the majesty of the place in the subtle, this is the end of the forbidden city. Perhaps it will only end for the fashion feast -- Chinese shoes show, solemn and stylish, representing both the brand power is the embodiment of fashion design, which is in line with this shoe fair "- end purpose shoes show" - brand promotion, fashion show. No doubt, this will be a grand event that attracts fashion and industry. on the "end shoes show", according to the latest news reporters learned from the organizing committee, there have been a number of enterprises will be determined to show their latest design and the most dazzling products, the "Venice fashion shoes release" and "Italy's home fashion shoes show" two of the most impressive. As the most cutting-edge fashion brand shoes and representatives of the Italy Joint Pavilion is the second appeared at the end of the door shoe show on this platform, visible fashion charm and brand charm. How much surprise will this "Italy national fashion show" bring us? October the end will give us the answer. end, in the world famous brand to a show at the same time, to provide a display of fashion and brand promotion stage for emerging China brand, which is different from the general door shoe show shoe show place. Let Chinese brands and the world's brand on the same stage, playing the same fashion nocturne. For the upcoming debut of Chinese shoe show enterprises, at the end of the door and the international well-known brand will show together, is a process of self brand value promotion. According to the last shoe show experience, the show will be the foreign media attention, such as The Associated Press, Reuters, through the international media coverage and publicity, it can be said that the door shoe show will be a good opportunity Chinese a brand to the world. "To the world, to Chinese", the fourth China international footwear Expo theme, to be interpreted again in this field end shoes show. "Duanmen shoes show" to show is the future development direction of shoe industry in the world -- "design for the brand of the road ahead". And how to start with the design to build?